This page includes sustainability progress and goals data from a prior year. Click here for current progress and goals updates.

2017 Sustainability Progress Report
Goal Progress

Community Engagement

U-M’s community engagement goal is focused on pursuing stakeholder engagement, education and evaluation strategies toward a campus-wide ethic of sustainability.

  • 3.4K Planet Blue Ambassadors
  • 500+ zero-waste campus events

2025 Goal

While there is no metric goal for community engagement, U-M is investing in programs to educate our community, track behavior and report progress over time toward a campus-wide ethic of sustainability.


39.1K environmental actions pledged by Planet Blue Ambassadors in FY17
165 sustainable workplaces on campus
192 certified sustainable labs on campus


Each year the Central Campus Diag transforms into a one-stop shop for all things related to sustainability at U-M, showcasing the breadth of work in the areas of research, education and operations. Referred to as the “party for the planet,” the annual event has taken place for more than 20 years and is divided up in four sections based on the efforts working toward the 2025 sustainability goals.


Engaging the Community at the Campus Farm

Two new positions, farm manager and sustainable food Program manager, were created to help nurture long-term relationships in support of sustainable agriculture from finding potential markets for the Campus Farm’s produce to connecting with faculty to teach related courses to helping coordinate the many student groups on campus that are linked to food-related programs.

Other 2017 Highlights

Solar-powered charging stations

Two picnic tables equipped with solar-powered charging stations provide the U-M community the opportunity to charge electronics on campus. Made possible by U-M student group “Students for Clean Energy” through the Planet Blue Student Innovation Fund, the tables include power and USB receptacles. They are located at the Life Sciences Plaza near Palmer Commons and the south side of the Beyster Building next to the new North Campus Grove.